Here’s what we offer our clients

Project Management

Manage projects both public and private within your organization.

Sales (CRM)

Track your leads and clients from start to finish. With our application there is no disconnect from sales to delivery.

Team Collaboration

We offer an all in one solution for businesses to collaborate as a team including our integrated chat system.

Tasks and Sub-Tasks

After you’ve setup a project you can create tasks and even drill down to micro-tasks we call sub-tasks.

Realtime Communication

Get full visibility into your business needs with our realtime push, email, and chat notifications.

Easy Prioritization

Easy to use comments, priority, and status changes on all activities.

File Management

Upload, view, and use any files within our system to help define tasks within our system. Our plans include unlimited storage.

Team Management

With multiple permission sets we allow you to fully customize your team’s experience within the system.

Customizable Platform

We have a robust set of customizable options that you can choose from to tailor the experience to fit your needs.

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