Apps have revolutionized the way the average business manages the various projects on their books. But if you’re planning to get involved in the project management industry, you need to understand what businesses are looking for when they download one of these apps.

The apps that fail don’t take these three things into account.


To Solve their Need from Needing Multiple Tools

Always keep in mind that the basic function of a project management app is to consolidate the many tools a business might use. Instead of concentrating on coming up with a feature nobody has ever seen before, go back to basics and combine existing tools into one easy-to-use app.

Businesses prioritize functionality and ease-of-use over fancy gadgets. Most companies want to get back to work in an efficient manner.


To be Able to Assign and Track Tasks Easily

This is arguably the most important feature any project management app will ever have. Assigning and tracking tasks is how project managers ensure that projects remain on-schedule. All project management apps must have the ability for businesses to easily assign different employees to specific tasks, and those changes be reflected across the board and communicated to every other team member.

The general rule of thumb is that the simpler the better. Apps often make the error of trying to overcomplicate things due to their attempts to stand out from the crowd. Innovation does not impress businesses if it doesn’t streamline their project management process.

If you can master this basic feature you have a successful app.


To be Able to Get the Full App without an Expensive Upgrade

It doesn’t matter how useful an app is if the price is wrong. Brands want value for money. Too often app developers see companies as a step above the individual consumer so they think they can charge them more money. The fact is that companies are not going to pay for the full app by being forced to upgrade via varying pricing levels.

The best project management apps give businesspeople everything they need from the beginning. They don’t feel like they’re getting ripped off because after 30 days the app is demanding that they spend an offensive amount of money for the full version.
Furthermore, people want all the app’s features available from the beginning. They don’t want a trial version that cuts down on most of the functions they would take advantage of. People want to test everything out prior to deciding whether that app is right for them.


Last Word – Simplicity Wins the Day

What you may have noticed from each of these three points is that they all have simplicity in common. Simplicity comes in three forms: the basic app function, the way it streamlines a company’s processes, and how it’s priced. Any app that can get those three characteristics in order will ultimately create a successful app that companies will want to use.

What’s important to you in a project management app?

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